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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Here are my new glasses:

Not bad if I do say so myself. What I really can't believe is the lenses cost more than the frames. WTF? I was a bit surprised, however if they help with reducing the number of headaches and eye strain I experience, it is so worth it.

I must feel like buying stuff because yesterday I finally decided to use up my gift certificate I received for a job well done at Holt Renfrew. I think this is one of the most expensive stores in the city and why my work place gave me a gift certificate there is beyond me. So I thought I would buy a pair of sunglasses with the certificate and pay the difference. Let me tell you my friends, the price difference was $375.00 plus taxes, so that was not happening. I settled on some products from Clinic.

Cream, toner, face wash, concealer and some lip treatment thingie from Clinic. This is pretty much all I could afford in there. I am looking forward to using this stuff but am afraid I might like it a bit too much and then wonder how I am going to continue buying it. I'll worry about it then.

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