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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Have you seen the new Knitty? I have, and I am so not impressed. I was looking forward to this issue because I feel the need to knit something springy. Was there anything that jumped up and bit me in the ass? Nothing my friends, nothing. Except the snail and squid toys. My oldest loves snails, so I'll think I will add that to my knit list, but other than the toys nothing.

Not much knitting happened this weekend like most weekends. This one in particular was so busy my two days off just kind of flew by. On Saturday J and I went to watch a girls' hockey game to determine if she wants to join an all girls house league or stay in a mixed league. I think she wants to be apart of an all girls team next season, which will be great for her socially. Once we were finished watching the game, we went through the lobby and saw a sign up booth for floor hockey! I have been looking for one to no avail and then lo and behold like a halo over an angel's head there was a league I could sign her and three of her friends up for. Yeah. So I spent the morning going to my friends' houses to give them the forms, collect the money and then go back to the community centre and hand in my registration forms.

Saturday evening, J and I went to the Ontario Science Center for a sparks/brownies/girl guides sleep over. We went through their Yummy in my Tummy program, then slept in sleeping bags on the floor. Oh man, am I ever sore and tired today. I did it for the good of my girl. She wanted to go and they don't allow the sparks to go without a chaperone, so off we went.

On Sunday night I wanted to start the berry colour of the baby hat and for the life of me couldn't understand the instructions. I have made one before so I thought it would be fairly simple, however my sleepy mind took over and didn't allow any intelligent thought through. I'll give it another go at my Monday lunch time SnB.

Have a good week.

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