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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Wowza - what a weekend. I can't believe how much fun we all had on the Annual Girls Weekend Away. We watched season six of Sex in the City and about 3/4 of Desperate Housewives, season one. Both of these sets were a Christmas gift from my husband given specifically for this weekend. Boy oh Boy what a hit Desperate Housewives was with the ladies. I really didn't think I would like it as much as I do, however, I doubt I will watch it from week to week - I prefer to watch this type of show back to back, no commercials and I can find out what happens fairly quickly.

On the knitting front - I did knit quite a bit this weekend, alot of drinking and eating. I am a bit surprised I can knit drunk. I thought I would wake up in the morning to a mangled sweater and have to rip and re-knit - but nope, all was okay. Except I ran out of freaking yarn. Holy moly - not a happy person. So I ripped out Kate and now I have more yarn. I like Kate, but I don't like the Lion Brand Wool Ease next to my skin. Way too itchy and hot. No worries, I am not saddened by this.

I also gave Bob to my friend Christine. Why? Same reason as Kate. Too hot. Christine is always cold, so Bob will get more wear with her than me. Plus I know how much she appreciates a hand knit sweater.
Doesn't sound like a positive knitting weekend, eh? Even with all that, believe me I did. But I am not allowed to give updates on the Amazing Race, Knitting Edition until Tuesday night.

Who all thinks I finished the Top Down Cardi?

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