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Knitting Up A Storm!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

When I started Clapotee I didn't think it would be as addictive as it is. Holy moly my friends, I can't seem to stop knitting this thing. But I have to stop because I have run out of stitch markers and need to buy more. What luck I have, eh?
Well yesterday the knitting gods were smiling down on me. For some strange reason I jumped in the car and headed out to the local GoodWill store just to see if I could find any yarn. Lo and behold there was this huge bag of yarn just waiting for ME, all for $9.99. So of course I bought it. What did it contain? About 7 balls of crap and they will be returned to the GoodWill donation door.

5 balls of Paton's Cotton Top and 1 ball of wool ease:

I have 3 balls of woolease in Black, so this 4th ball gives me the option to make another top down cardi.

In this bag are 13 balls of Grand Moulin yarn. I did a google search to see if I could find any info on this stuff, but nothing. It must be pretty old. But I have enough to make a cardi like jacket.

Back to the luck thing - sometimes we have horse shoes up our ass, and sometimes we don't. After I paid for the yarn and put it in the back of the truck, I got in, started the engine, put my seatbelt on and some how managed to slam my left ring finger in the top of the truck door.

I can not even explain how I did it or how much pain I was/am in. It was torture. I now know how bugs bunny feels when he gets his just desserts. As I said, sometimes you have horse shoes up your ass, and sometimes you don't.

I did finish the right and left fronts of Cutaway, so I am about to sail towards sleeve island. I don't mind being on the island because my arms are so freaking short, I only have to knit 13" til I start the armhole decreases, so they should be pretty fast.

Have a good one folks.

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