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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thank goodness for conference calls. During one of my many calls, I finished M's sock, so now Corrie can have the yarn back to finish hers. So, what am I knitting on today's calls? The right front of Cutaway. The back and left front are done, and I want to finish the right by the end of the weekend. I believe the weather here in Toronto will start getting warmer week by week and I want to wear for those warmer days.

I noticed through my blog reading, Margene is knitting Cutaway too, so maybe I should challenge her to an Amazing Race, Knitting Edition? I understand she usually knits for the process, however, a bit of a challenge can always change that, can't it?

I went to hockey boot camp last night so no knitting, because the moment I got home I changed out of my sweaty clothes and passed out of the couch. Man, I was dead tired. Usually it takes me an hour or two to calm down, but not last night. I was out like a light.

In other weird news, someone stole from cheese from the office fridge. Can you freaking believe it? I certainly can't. I was so shocked. Idiots. So today, I put my cheese in the fridge with a note stating:

Whoever the big mouse was that stole my cheese better ask themselves before they take this package "Are you feeling lucky?". I didn't think so.

And signed my name.
The nerve of people. I cut up the cheese for the week on Sunday evening, so I only have to do it once and it is all nice and ready for me for my breakfast.

I wonder, do you think that idiot will steal it again?

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