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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

On Monday night my mom and I took Doo Doo, our cat of 16 years to be put to sleep. I took this last picture so my girls can remember her. They didn't even ask why I was taking a picture of them with her, but then again they do see me taking pictures of yarn and knitting. So nothing I do they consider odd. I have not told them yet, and dread it, but they will know it as soon as they go to the basement where my mom lives and Doo Doo isn't home.

I got Doo Doo when I was 19 years old and living at home. When I moved out at 22, I took her and the next day she went straight back to my parents' house because she hated it in my new apartment. Don't ask me how I know this, just know, within the hour, it was obvious.

Upon her return to my parents' house, Doo Doo instantly became my dad's cat. When my dad had his first heart attack, Doo Doo wouldn't leave his side. The EMS workers kept shoving the cat off the bed, but she was persistent, finally my mom locked her in the bathroom. My dad has been gone for over 5 years, and Doo Doo was a big part of his life, and now she is gone. I feel the worst for my mom - she loved this cat and I guess this was one of the last things of my dad's.

Thankfully I get my strength from my mom, so I know she will be alright, just sad, because a big part of her life is gone.

Rest in peace Doo Doo.

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