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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Like yesterday today started out pretty crappy but I am assume it is because I am dead tired and my eyes are freaking killing me. I have an appointment to get my eyes checked next Tuesday. If the reason is not because I need some form of seeing aide, then it is off to the family doctor to figure out why the hell I have suffer from major headaches and blurfry vision. I have been experiencing these blinding headaches for about 6 months now and I can't take it anymore. Enough complaining, oh wait one more - when I went to the bank machine to get money out so I could get my first real cup of coffee of the day, the thing ate my card. Nice, just freaking nice.

Thankfully I work for a bank, so I went to the employee branch and the teller replaced my card, only to come to my desk and find my card sitting on my keyboard. I guess between the time it took me to get a replacement, the machine spat out my card and someone who knows who I am brought it to my desk. Nice. It is no good to me now, it has been cancelled. Lovely.

I don't have any knitting pictures to share with you because I doubt plain stockinette sleeves would send you over the edge of too much excitement. Trust me, I am about to start the armhole decreases of the first sleeve of Cutaway. It is taken every bit of restraint not to pick up Clapotis last night, but I know I can work on it exclusively once these sleeves are done.

Hopefully your day is better than mine.

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