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Knitting Up A Storm!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I went to Lewiscraft yesterday just to look around, and funnily enough some yarn came home with me. It is cotton sensation, a Lewiscraft yarn, which is 100% cotton and is destined to become Soliel. I have made Soliel already, however the neckline is a bit too deep and the straps a bit too wide, so this time around I'll make the modification like Kris.

When I bought this yarn I thought the green colour would match this skirt. You have to click on it, as blogger wont upload my pictures.

But I was dead wrong, see. (click to see the colour difference)
Ah, too bad. I love this skirt, however I can't find any tops to match the eggshell or green tones. So frustrating.

I have not been knitting much after finishing the Top Down Cardi because this knit ripped the crap out of my hands. Now that my hands are feeling so much better, I'm up for knitting full force. Problem is, I have way too many things I want to finish and not a lot of time to knit. Problems, us knitters have all the same ones.

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