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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And they are off....You would think I would post pictures wouldn;t you? I brought my camera to document the event, however I forgot the freaking card at home. Duh. So head on over to LouLou's place and see the action. Yeah, I know, action in knitting? You betcha.

One of the rules is not posting in progress pictures until we reach the next checkpoint, and that is next Tuesday. But I doubt there will be any in progress pics of the body - because I plan on finishing it. Yeah Dianna you heard me - finish it. Hope you have lots of Advil for your soar little hands and wrists, because baby I'm going smoke ya!

Enough trash talk for one day, need to say some for the end of the race.
I'm leaving Thursday for a 4 day girls weekend away which equals lots and lots of knitting time, well, between the drinking and all.
Have a good one.

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