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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Okay folks, the race is on, LouLou has given the official go ahead to start the race on who can finish the Top Down Cardi first. She has knit her collar and has started the body. Don't know why this little challenge is so exciting to me. I don't care if I finish first (ok, maybe that is a bit of a lie), I guess it is knowing that I will have a finished sweater sooner rather than later.

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking what I would use as closures. A zipper? Nah, way too much sewing. Buttons? Nah, will look like a plain ole cardi. And who needs one of those? I can buy one for 19.99 at the local walmart. Then it hit me, those metal toggles things, but nicer than those I linked to. Hopefully you get the idea, and if not, when the cardi is done, it will then be crystal clear. I'm sure a sewing/fabric place sells them.

At SnB on Tuesday, Brenda said she bought the Red Sweater pattern from Knit n'Tonic. Since I have not read her blog in a long time I didn't realize she had a new pattern up for sale. So this morning when I finally remembered to check it out, I was blown away. I love that cardi. So of course I immediately emailed Brenda and put her up for a knitting challenge, once my first challenge to LouLou is complete. Wonder if she will bite. Brenda??????

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