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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Blogger dashboard is now in English - I mouse over all the options and found Language - set it back to normal and now everything is fine.

I am wondering how such a simple bolero has so many freaking errors in the pattern? For example, the schematic indicates you knit the back till 7.5", then start raglan decrease. However, the pattern states to knit to 10". I doubt it is 10" because once the bolero is seamed you need to pick up and knit the collar for 4" making the length 14", which would kind of defeat the purpose of a bolero. So this time I'll follow the schematic dimensions.

Now the sleeves instructions - you cast on 30 stitches, rib, increase to 36 stitches, knit to arm pit, yadda yadda yadda, then decrease both sides 15 times and place remaining 18 stitches on holder. Yeah - I'm no where near a brilliant mathematician - but come on, once you finish 15 decreases (dec 30 stitches) you have only 6 stitches left. Or maybe you only need to decrease to 18 stitches, which would mean you decrease 9 times. At this point I'm not sure, I'll knit the 2nd sleeve, lay all the pieces where they should be and then determine how many decreases make sense.

You would think this was a simple pattern to write up and wouldn't have so many errors. But the plus side of this story is - now I can spot the errors and knit the way I think, where as before I would knit the sweater to the exact instructions and feel frustrated as hell.

Even though this little bolero is going somewhat smoothly, I am happy I finished my BIL's first sock and will start the 2nd one at my weekly work SnB. Thank goodness because I am getting quite sick of knitting socks and can't wait until I can concentrate on my Cutaway and Top Down Cardi.

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