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Knitting Up A Storm!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

LouLou is so freaking funny, which I really need today. Look at what she has come up to describe our little race/competition. I LOVE IT.

What a rotten day my Sunday has turned into. So going from fantastic to what the hell has happened - during the day on Saturday we had 5 little girls skating in the back yard all afternoon, we ate pizza, played and had a great time. The Chris and I went to The Keg and had an amazing steak dinner. Came home and immediately fell asleep on the couch. Sounds great so far, right? Well, this is where things went really wrong - Sunday morning we wake up to the sound of the cat puking, and crapping every where. So in some very hazy moments I made a pretty bad decision - I took the cat to the emergency vet clinic only to be told the cat's condition is NOT an emergency and they would not be able to give us a definitive answer to what is wrong with her- all for 125.00 bucks.

I can handle the 125.00 payment, what really threw me over the edge was the $45.00 charge for shaving and cleaning the cat's butt of crap. Oh, and had I waited until my vet's on call doctor called me, I would have saved that money and given it to a clinic that gives a crap. But who knew they would call almost as soon as I left the freaking driveway. Apparently not me.

And I still have to bring her to the clinic because she is now throwing up blood. Poor thing.

Speaking of crap, here is the completed Shrug from the Knit It! magazine:

Who knew I had wings - in the front? And for fun, the back:

Really hate this freaking sweater. All in all this day has been crap (no pun intended)

Try to have a good one.

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