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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another pair of socks done, one is a bit bigger but that is what I get when I don't write down what I did with the first sock to know how to duplicate it. These are for my nephew, so he won't care about the difference - he is only one years old, what does he know? Thankfully nothing about socks.

And these Fleece Artist socks are for me:

As you can see, I just started the heel so I'm on my way to a finished sock. I am still sticking to my plan of only knitting socks, which I did at the SnB last night. I dutifully cast on for my BIL's sock which I am glad I did because now I can bring that puppy with me and knit on it during any free tim I might have in the day.

I wonder what I will knit if I finish all the socks on the list before then end of February? Should I make more? Or shall I start something new? But don't hold your breath folks, my work/family life seems to get in the way when I think I'm going to have all this time to knit.

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