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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, January 16, 2006

First finished object in 2006:

(click to enlarge)

Bob from Knitty.com
Wool Ease - 3 balls
4.5mm Needles

I like everything about this little sweater except the sleeve size - they are a bit tight. I should have trusted my instinct to knit the sleeve for the next size up. I have larger arms that require some room in clothes, but oh well. For a $6.00 sweater and a bit of time spent making it, I haven't lost that much if I decide not to wear it.

Here is a hint to what my youngest daughter has:

Still don't have a clue? These products are weapons against the chicken pox. Yep - she got'em. We can't believe she has them considering she has only been back at school for 5 freaking days. Such as life. She was bound to get them eventually.

Blogging might be sparse over the next week due to trying to keep her itch free and getting some work done from home. Wish me luck.

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