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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I wanted to try and hide this purchase until I reached 200 balls of yarn in the stash, but I can't any longer. I broke down and bought 13 balls of elann.com Peruvian Highland Wool. 3 balls to make socks for my BIL, and 10 balls to make another ribby cardi. Oh the shame. But don't think me too weak, because I blame this purchase (weakness) on Tanya.

Yes folks, I am placing the blame on someone else. Tanya sent an innocent email out to the SnB gang asking if anyone was going to buy yarn from elann.com, and if so, please add to your order, ONE ball of periwinkle she needs to finish her ribby. Simple request.

So, I took a look around on the site and decided it would be nice to have another ribby cardi, knit in one colour, and before you know it, 10 balls of the dried herb colour popped into my shopping basket. Then my BIL informed me, his mother (my MIL) shrunk one pair of the socks I made him in May and would like another pair. So 3 balls of the rust/burgundy popped in the cart too.

BTW - the socks my MIL shrunk, now fit her perfectly.

Even though, my stash count went up by 13, it will even out and the increase will not even be noticed. The 10 balls for a ribby added, to the 10 balls subtracted for the wrappie/thingie, evens everything out. So really, I only added 3 balls to the stash, and might be able to get the total under 200 in a few weeks.

Yeah I know, whatever helps you get through the day. My thoughts exactly.

Have a good one.

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