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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, December 19, 2005

I am off for two weeks from work to prepare for the usual Christmas festivities, so my posts might be far and few in between. But we will see.

Knitting update - I started the 6th ball of the wrappie thingie. Not bad, almost there. Knitting this damn thing is nearly killing my thumbs though. I also started a pair of socks for my BIL with the stash addition from elann.com, so really, this purchase doesn't count especially when I will be finished them before Christmas. I shouldn't have even added the 3 balls to the list. Kind of a waste of time, don't you think?

I did not knit as much this weekend due to having house guests from Friday - Sunday, throwing a party for 40 plus people, hockey game/practice for the older girl and attending a dance recital to see my 4 year old dance with her class. It is ever so cute seeing little girls dressed in their Sunday best dancing the routine they have been practicing.

For the first time ever, I scheduled the 5 days before Christmas as vacation. I'm planning to wrap presents, buy the items for the dinner and get the house ready. Man, I have to tell you, it feels so good knowing I don't have to rush around after the kids go to bed. This time of year is usually not stressful for me, (sorry folks) and then add in the extra 5 days before, well, I'll be taking a nice hot bath with a glass of wine! Woo hoo. I shouldn't talk to quickly, my husband works from home and my kids are still in school. Enough said.

Have a good one folks.

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