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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, November 14, 2005

I should never state I'll have some FOs, because without fail all hell will break loose. For starters, I'm about to start the decreases for the Shedir hat, and row 53 does not make sense to me. Great. Everything makes sense until the pattern states 'purl next stitch on the cable needle'. Sure, okay, but the next stitch is a knit, and the 2nd stitch is a purl. What is an inexperienced cable knitting girl to do? Throw it carefully in the bag to wait for some attention from Katherine.

I wanted to show it off to my girls at this week's SnB. But instead, I need their help.

And then..

I ripped out the Fleece Artist Narrow scarf I'm making for J's teacher 4 times! Four freaking times. I've made this scarf a gazillion times for myself and others so you would think it would be done by now. I guess I was wrong.

And then...

I started a scarf for my MIL and it was too big. So I ripped it out, re-wound the yarn on the ball winder, took it off and lost the end somewhere in the middle. Crap.

At least the new thong underwear I'm wearing is comfortable.

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