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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I did a fair amount of knitting this weekend. I finished the knitting on Klaralund and she is waiting to be seamed. This is a Christmas gift, so I'm not too much in a rush to finish it.

I started Shedir by Jenna Wilson for my sister in law who lives in France. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and will need a hat like this. I bought two balls of Zara in chocolate brown and the pattern can be found in the Knitty Fall Surprise section.

I started a Fleece Artist slubby/narrow scarf for J's teacher. Oh yeah, I finished one of these for my BIL's girlfriend. Man, I'm on a roll with the Christmas gifts. Just wish some of these projects were for me.

I'm off to knit Shedir, wish me luck,I think I'll need it. but it is so beautiful I believe it is worth the effort I put into it.

Thankfully it is only 83 rounds. I am at 10 of 83 - only 73 more rounds to go.

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