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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Wow - my hit count went threw the roof this past weekend due to the fact I'm back in the Knitting Bloggers Ring again. I was out for awhile, but now I am back in again.

So with all these new hits, I thought there would be more comments, but alas that is not the case. Maybe you'll leave a comment and maybe you won't. But if you do, I'll be alerted to you - I'm always on the look out for new blogs. I think one of the reasons we blog, is we LIKE comments. What would be the point if no one said anything? It would be pretty boring, that is for sure.

Knitting content? Why sure, I've done a whole lot. NOT.I did finish the knitting on the felted bag. I couldn't felt it, as my mom hogged the washer yesterday to do my family's laundry. I guess I can't complain - she did wash, dry and fold all of it. So the bag will have to wait.

Yesterday in the car, I started a pair for socks for Chris yesterday with stash yarn. My goal is to have my current amount of 235.5 balls to under 200 by the end of the year. Do you think that is doable? If my hands continue to hurt, maybe not, but I am going to give it my best effort despite that fact.

Have a good day folks.

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