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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A little late, but THANKS so much for all your wonderful comments on the Ribby and the Vest. I love them. I pratically live in the ribby, which I didnt think I would - oh what a nice surprise. On to knitting.

I want to knit, but I don't want anything which requires too much thought, so what do I do? I started two purses. Yeah, okay, like a need another purse. I am one of the bigger bag whores out there. I have a bag for every occasion, I have big ones, smalls ones and one in every colour. I keep buying them. And now have decided to make them. When will the insanity stop? So, here is the felted bag, knit with 100% wool bought from Goodwill:

I hate this bag. Holy crap it is horrible. It looks okay sitting there, but it is useless. The bag gapes open, bunches up at the bottom and the straps stretch so long I feel as though they might break. Before I put it in the loser pile, I'm going slap on some bamboo handles and hope that it is only the knitted straps that make this bag suck so much.

The second bag is the Knit Bag from Hollywood Knits book. I am using Patons Bella, and I only need to block and seam the sucker. The stockinette is curling like you wouldn't believe. So off to the board it does. Lets hope this one turns out better than the crap pictured above.

BTW - I have 223 balls left, which means only 23 balls left to knit before I can buy any new yarn. WHOOPEE!

Have a good one folks.

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