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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It is 10am on Wednesday morning and I am having a pretty shitty day so far. Here is a re-cap:

  • My husband is gone for 2 weeks
  • The kids and I have to wake up 45 minutes earlier for the next two weeks
  • I have to drop the kids at school for the next 2 weeks
  • It took 15 freaking minutes to get the back bench into the van (usually a 1 minute job)
  • All my trains were cancelled and I had to drive to work, in severe rush hour traffic
  • Went to get a coffee, but noticed my wallet was missing. I found it later in the car

Just wanted to complain. Ahh, that feels better.

BTW - for all of you who might be wondering, I don't resent my husband's absence. He had to travel to France to visit his sister who is quite ill.

Hope your day is better than mine.

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