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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Two birthday parties in one day, what the hell was I thinking? By mid afternoon I was dead tired. Thankfully the 2nd party of the day was with family. Maddie was so good - she loved her parties. Both of them - did I mention I threw two parties? Oh yeah, I did. But it was worth it - it is all done now. Now I just have to put away all of those freaking gifts. On to knitting.

The thrummed mittens made their way home with Christine yesterday:

Click here for the picture. Freaking blogger is giving me a hard time inserting the picture.

She loves them. One is a bit wider than the other, but that is what you get when you knit them 6 months apart. Christine understands and loves them nonetheless.
BTW - I can not believe how much my friend resembles Alison from the blueblog. It is uncanny. Am I nuts?

The vest is at the part where I separate the neckline. This is great, as I only need to work the fair isle over 24 stitches vs. 68. So I should have a finished vest soon. And then what next? I will start the poncho kit I recently bought from Shelridge Farm. It is a smaller project that I will get alot of use of in the fall/winter time. I have decided to plan my next knits a bit better, so that when I am finished, I can wear it immediately. This also gives me incentive to only work on one project at a time.

Oh yeah - my stash count is now at 241 balls. I would like to get this number down to under 200, but have not set a target date yet. I'll have to plan my knits a bit better, as it appears the next ones on the list, really only decrease the number by a few balls each. To get the number to a more respectable level, I will need to add a sweater or two to the list.

What did I do with it all? I gave all the crap yarn to my daughters' day care to make crafts. I hated seeing all the crap sitting there - and now it has found a great home. Not to knit with, but for the little kiddies crafty endeavors.

Thats all for now folks.

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