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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thanks for the warm welcome back. After such a long break, I actually enjoy blogging again. As you can see, I did not finish that many projects, so there wasn't much to blog about. And since this is a knitting blog - if there isn't any knitting - why blog?

I forgot to include the 3 OSWs I finished. There is one for me, J and M. I'll take a picture soon. They are quick and easy to finish, but I am not sure if they are that comfortable. It kind of sneaks up your armpit and feels like a big ball of yarn squeezed up in there. My body temperature tends to be on the hot side as it is, so anything extra under the pits makes me hotter. So usually half way through the day the thing comes off. And the relief I feel is indescribable. Mine maybe made out of cotton, but it will be a winter item. The half is half full theory? I am head of the game for winter knits!

Other news? My oldest started grade 1, and my younger daughter started JK today. Pictures tomorrow of the two cuties. I am so proud of the two of them. They walked into their respective classes with confidence exuded from them. Yeah girls!

Have a good one folks.

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