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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last night was curriculum night at the girl's school. The school had a BBQ for the parents and kids. Once dinner is over, we get to discuss how the kids are doing with the teachers.

I must have been in a time warp last night as the things coming out of the mouths of the teachers, I really thought they were talking about me.

First talk was held with Maddie's teacher:

ME: "How is Maddie in class?"

TEACHER: " She is adjusting just fine, except I have to remind her often to remain seated, and to talk lower"

ME: "OH, I see, we have to to do the same thing at home"

TEACHER: "Don't worry, she will get it"

Now I am thinking, I'm 34 years old, I am still loud and find it hard to remain seated for long periods of time. I just smiled at the teacher with that knowing look - yeah, she'll get, and thinking all along - I highly doubt she will, but if you want to delude yourself, go ahead lady.

Next stop - Julianna's teacher:

ME: "How is she doing in class?"

TEACHER: "She is just fine, ahead of the game, at this point I don't have worries about her learning ability"

ME: "Okay"

TEACHER: "But if she would just stop talking, she could accomplish alot more than she does"

ME: "Don't worry, she will get it"

I hardly shut up! And yes, I could accomplish more if I would stop talking. I know this, and one day Julianna will too.
After putting the kids to bed, like a good little girl, I picked up the thrummed mitten. Yep - I did. Worked about 12 rounds, so I'm well on my way. It really isn't that bad, now that I am on the hand section, and only need to work straight up. It would be fabulous if I could finish them to give them to Christine on Sunday.

I will try, but on Sunday, we scheduled a kid and family birthday party for Maddie. One starting at 12pm til 3pm, then a family one starting at 4pm. So with all the prep and cleaning I need to do, I might not have time to knit at all.

I'll keep my fingers crossed I'll have a bit of time.

Have a good one folks.

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