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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Knitting Breaks

After reading Wendy's post about where and when she knits, I gave it a bit of thought as to where I would like to knit. Why can't we have mini knitting breaks at work? The smokers of the office have, what 2 smoking breaks an hour? People accept this - employees who go outside light up, and then go back to work. No questions asked. NO ONE! But if I were to go outside to knit, say one time in a day, people would be up in arms. I would be asked to stop, it doesn't look right. But not smokers. NO WAY JOSE!

The way I see it is, knitting is my stress reliever, very much like smoking is for others. I know smoking helps you relax as I took up this nasty little habit for 9 years. BTW - I quit 10 years ago, cold turkey. As you can tell, I am proud of this fact.

But alas, the work place would not understand. Such as life. Rant over.

Knitting? Well, last night I went to the Scarborough SnB. It was nice to travel 20 minutes round trip, as usually I travel 45-50 minutes to the Beach SnB. Normally it is worth it, but I had an appointment and wouldn't have enough time to knit and relax,

Only one person was there - Rochelle (blogless). She is quite nice and man, does she give new meaning to the phase - 'Knitting Up a Storm'. She was knitting a lace shawl and not looking at her hands while they were flying away. I chalk it up to the fact that she is a more experienced knitter than me. Yeah right - I need an excuse you know.

Knitting content today? You betcha - I am about to start the armhole decreases for the back piece of the vest. The fair isle section is taking WAY TOO FREAKING LONG. I'm knitting tightly, I have all these ends to weave in and it is taking too long. I said that already, but it is pissing me off.

I have to say though, when I look at it, the more I like/love it, so I am going to keep plugging along.

If it is not too hot in the house tonight, I'll throw Kate on and give her a debut tomorrow.

Have a good one folks.

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