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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I have finished the back of the vest! Thank God....In the end knitting the fair isle wasn't as bad as I thought. I guess hindsight really is 20/20. The front is started so I am well on my way!

Tonight my friends and I will be Stitchin' and Bitching at The Second Cup in the Beaches - if anyone one is interested in joining us, please do. It is always nice to see new faces.

Last night was spent making thrums. God I hate making thrums - and the torture doesn't stop there, I have to knit with them. What was I thinking? Way back last winter, I started a pair of thrummed mittens for my very good friend Christine. I believe she has the coldest hands I have ever touched. So I thought she would be the perfect person to receive these mittens. So I knit one and started the second. Put them away for 6 months and finally picked them up last night.

I know she'll appreciate and love them.

But man are they a bitch to knit. I really don't like knitting mitts to begin with, then throw in the prep work required for the thrums....aaahhh...let's just say, it is a good thing for Christine that I am on a finishing spree and want to get these puppies off my list.

Maybe I will bring the mitts to SnB tonight.

Maybe, just maybe.
Have a good one folks.

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