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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

During the day I"m knitting and during the night, I'm seaming. Heres a recap of last nights seaming adventure:

  • Weaved the ends in of Kate and she fits beautifully. Pictures soon.
  • I seamed one underarm of Sitcom Chic and will seam the other one tomorrow night.
  • Put the fringe on my SIL's Fleece Artist scarf

Boy, does it ever feel GREAT to actually finish some things and not have to look at the big pile of objects waiting for attention. Even thought the pile is getting smaller, I do need to turn my attention to:

  • J's cardi. If I dont seam this puppy soon, it will not fit the older, and have to go to the younger. Oh the shame.
  • Ribby Cardi - oh man. My approach to this one is completely and utterly pathethic. I finished knitting this cardi in about two weeks, and have taken over 6 months to seam and sew in the zipper. LAZY! That is what I am. I'll get to it soon as I want to wear it this fall.

Tonight? Well I'm going to a SnB I have not attended before, but I believe there are quite a few GTA Knit Bloggers who are regulars, so I am looking forward to meeting them. My current project is pattern number 25 from the Fall/05 Vogue Knitting magazine. Mine will not be as long (I am quite short), the ribbing is in black, and the fair aisle pattern will be, orange, purple and green. I have finished the back's ribbing, and started the fair aisle this morning. I'm not sure how much I will accomplish tonight as it is not the easiest of project to bring to a SnB. But we will see.

Thats it folks. Have a good one.

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