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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm back from the Maryland W&S Festival all in one piece. It was fun, tiring and believe it or not, I didn't buy all I could buy. The festival was completely overwhelming. The amount of people attending this event was crazy. We thought if we arrived early, we would be one of the first. NOT! We were totally wrong.

The first booth we hit was Tess' designs. This company knows their stuff, let me tell you. I bought three skeins of sock yarn from them. There is no word to describe the yarn they create. Then, we went stall by stall, vendor by vendor. After awhile everything started to look the same, until we hit Brooks Farm. Man, oh man. I would go to Rhineback just to buy more of their yarn. I bought 1000 yards of a mohair/wool blend to make either a sleeveless turtleneck of Bad Penny.

Then I bought 3 skeins of sage green from a vendor I can't remember their name. Plus two more skeins for scarves.

Here is the evidence:

Plus, some Brittany Needles, a small Niddy Noddy for J and a Pewter yarn cutter:

And because I found this sign extremely funny, I thought I would share:

That is all folks. Have a good one.

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