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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bet you thought the next time I post it would be about buying more yarn - well you are WRONG! No more purchases until the Maryland Wool & Sheep Festival. After that I will NOT buy anything more. No matter how tempting. I should change my blog title to Yarn Queen, not Knitting Queen, as I'm not knitting this yarn, but just acquiring it.
I really like the online knitting community. Michelle answered the call of help about starting my flower basket shawl (IK fall/04) with more help than you can imagine. She emailed me a step by step on how to cast on for this shawl. Not just in point form, but with pictures, for each step. THANKS Michelle, I'm looking forward to starting it, if I could only get these other two projects off my needles and one cardi seamed.
As most of you know, I am usually a one project at a time girl. But recently, I feel like casting on for all kinds of projects and I'm not feeling stressed about it. I guess because the projects I am currently am knitting are small. So, one the needles:
  • Rebecca Wrap Cardi - one sleeve done
  • ChicKami - at the first set of decrease for the waist
  • Seaming the Ribby Cardi

What I want to cast on for (and will soon even if I'm knitting other things):

  • Pull over in the new Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine (can't find suitable link)
  • Cargo from Rowan's All Seasons Cotton Book

Well, we will see. Have a good one folks.

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