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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tomorrow will be one year to the day that I created my first blog. I never would have thought I would stick to it this long. Holy mother of God. I can not believe it. One year! One whole freaking year. I can not believe it. Did I say that already. Well - I can't believe it.

Thanks guys for letting me know about your Interweave subscription issues - sorry to say - I am glad to hear I am not the only one. Such as life. After speaking with the rep from the magazine, she is extending my subscription by one issue free of charge. Five issues for the price of hour. If you are experiencing difficulties receiving your first issue - you should call too.

Ribby Cardi update - I am 8 rows shy of starting the sleeve decreases. If I keep chanting 'I think I can, I think I can', I will finish no later than at the Naked Sheep's SnB tomorrow. I want to finish this sweater so I can go on to another project. Because....

I just bought the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer issue and the Family Circle Easy Knitting - and surprise surprise, both magazines have a few things I would actually knit. I can't believe it. Prior to these issues, both magazines did not introduce anything exciting - just ponchos, but thankfully the height of the poncho crazy is over and they are publishing more exciting patterns to dig into.

Does that mean there is more yarn purchases in my future? I bloody hope not. I am now down to 277 balls from 286.5. Doesn't seem like alot has been reduced, but I have not been knitting that much. And if I have to be honest, three balls were sold to Sandra, and the rest of the difference is the Ribby Cardi yarn. But it is going down – one way or another

Question because I am a curious kind of gal - how many balls of yarn do you own? I would LOVE to know. Let me know - if you dare to count your stash. By doing this, you will have an organized stash as you will know exactly what you have on hand. And if you need a spreadsheet, use Jodi’s. It is fantastic. I added a page for gauge information, as I tend to use the same yarn a lot and hate having to swatch, especially if I have used the yarn previously. Other than that addition, it is perfect. Scary, but perfect. And if you don’t know what I mean by scary, you will know after you have taking the inventory.

I didn't think I had 100 balls, but in the end it turned out that I have almost triple that amount. GOOD LUCK!

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