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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

More Stash!

I just purchased 10 balls of this. 5 in a Burgundy colour and 5 in a yellow colour. You ask why, when I already have 275.5 balls already? You may ask why, but I ask WHY NOT?
So here is my justification for this little purchase. I don't have alot of cotton yarn, and with spring/summer coming, I will want to wear this often, and I can't make it in wool (which is the predominant fiber in my stash).
So, Elizabeth, Tanya, Brenda and all you blogless ladies at the Naked Sheep SnB - you know can make fun of me even more - the stash total now is 285.5.
I'm off to a cottage for the weekend free of children and husbands to knit swatches for future projects, sip margaritas and enjoy those drinks with some good friends.
Have a good one folks.

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