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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Good with The Bad....

The good? This is how my Sunday evening went with my girls:

I am so happy when my girls show interest in things I like, especially knitting. My younger girl, was sitting next to us, impatiently waiting for her turn to be taught. She sat between my legs for a total of 5 seconds, unlike the older one who knit two rows successfully. Yeah for Julianna!

Then they wanted their own knitting bags to house the needles and yarn. They both go to the bin where all the bags are, found two and are happy. How cute is that?

Now the bad:

And after a few blocking sessions, the edges of the Sitcom Chic do not roll (great news), but alas the sweater is a tad too small for me (bad news). So what to do if your sweater is too small for you, but you have weaved in all the ends, and you know frogging it would be more than a pain in the ass, then choosing one of the following:

1. Loose 10 pounds (this is an option if I work out, by next winter I could be 10 pounds lighter)

2. Give it to my old daughter to wear next winter. It will be a tad big, but should fit okay.

So, really not such bad news after all. If I loose the weight - not only will this sweater fit me, but other things too. AND if not, Julianna can wear it. She usually asks me to make a sweater every winter, so I will be ahead of the game - she will get a hand knit sweater and I won't have to squeeze in the making a her sweater, because it will already be done.
Knitting news? The first thrum mitten is at the finger decreases, but I don't want to start until Christine tries it on, to ensure it is the right length. The thrums aren't as big as a pain in the ass as they once were. I think I don't care what they look like, and I don't take as much care or time to make them, and they look better. Go figure. Knitting - sometimes you can't live with or without it. Or does that saying only for describing men?
That's all folks. Have a good one.

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