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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I've Been Tagged

Always hoping no one would tag me, but Chicken-Knits did. I'm glad it was about the TV and not about music. The music one would be truly boring. So here goes:

1. How much space is left on your TIVO?

No Tivo in Canada. I think.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of a tv series and if so which one?

NO. My husband and brother have all the seasons of Stargate.

Does it count if the series are in my house? I do have Season 5 of Sex in the City, but to be fair, my non-blogging friend Teresa bought season 1,2,3, my other friend bought season 4, so I thought it was only fair to get a season for all to watch.

3. What was the last tv show you watched before reading this message?

Okay, don't laugh. Jeremiah. Not a bad show, too bad it was cancelled after only two seasons. (BTW - I wouldn't buy the DVD set of this show, which I see is available).

4. List five shows you won't miss:

I can only think of one - Dead Like Me. Freaking fantastic show.

So who to tag?

1. Chris - my husband. He doesn't have a blog, but will post his answers here. He is a TV maniac, and might have better answers than mine.

2. Knit, Stitch, Click

3. Beach Knits

Knitting news? I started the ChicKami I had this pattern and yarn for well over a year now, and I thought, why not make something to go under the Sitcom Chic? Chances of me wearing them together are slim as the sweater might be a bit small. (I keep saying that, don't I - I’m not bitter about it, really I'm not!)

But the ChicKami is quite versatile, and I am looking forward to wearing it. This will be the 3rd item I have made from ChicKnits. And I have the pattern/yarn for the Ribby Cardi. Man, this woman comes up with great patterns.

Other than that, the thrummed mittens are coming along, the thumb gusset is now sitting on a safety pin and I am on a roll with the thrums. I make one round's worth prior to starting, and that round goes pretty quickly. At first, I was making each one as I needed it, but that was a very long process. Live and learn I always say.

Tonight is SnB at the Naked Sheep. Are you joining me?

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