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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, February 25, 2005


I tell ya - when the going gets tough, the tough don't get going. At least for me anyways. I'm a bit tired of knitting at the moment. It seems to consume a large part of my life, but I don't feel like it at the moment. Why? One of the reasons - due to the sitcom chic coming out a tad small. I actually don't know this yet, as I need to iron the fronts like it is no one's business. But I believe I am right. Silver lining in this situation - maybe I will work on losing those 10 pounds and it will fit. Don't hold your breathe though.

I started on the 2nd ball of cotton for the chickami and this puppy is too BIG. Big, can you imagine? Well, nevermind. At least I know now and not when it was done and I was excited to wear it. There is the silver lining. So, now I have to go down to needle size 3.5mm circular needles to get gauge, BUT surprise surprise, I don't have those. I have every size but those. Of course, it figures. The silver lining thing could only last for so long.

Also - oh yeah baby, there is more, the EZ blocking board I ordered online, turns out it will be about $200 Canadian by the time it hits my door. Yeah, I don't want it that badly. Silver lining here, I am going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in May, so I will wait and see if they have any.

So, with all this, even though I don't feel like knitting, I have been organizing my yarn. Winding each ball on my winder, putting the yarn in priority order of what to knit next, putting the patterns and ball bands with the yarn, swatching for those patterns - so when I feel like getting back to knitting, I will be ready. There is the silver lining.
Message for Lisa today? Take the good with the bad.
Have a good/bad one folks.

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